Sniffit! The new way to test a perfume online

Buying perfumes online gives one many benefits like convenience, wide variety, price comparison, more information about the product etc but the industry has yet to address an overdue issue, testing a perfume. Since opening our online store in 2009, we have kept this on top of our mind.

So… Along the way, we did surveys, read thesis, analyse other industries and trialed the experience. We started off analyzing how to make use of the testers to make it work. By selling them? But the bottle is too big for testing. Sending them free to customers and ask them to send back? There’s a risk of breaking them and much hassle for our customers. Selling vials? But vials are limited in stocks and not all perfumes have vials.

Because I couldn’t come up with a solution, I continued to study user experiences and feedback. Something struck me in 2012 and I realised that even the best method of testing perfumes in department stores is not efficient. Why? There are many experts who will ask you to spray the perfumes (not 1 perfume, but a few on different ones on different pulse points so you can test them all at 1 go) on your pulse points, take a 15-30 minutes walk in the shopping centre and then decide whether to purchase it. However, the evolution of your perfume does not take into account your body temperature when you wear it at home, traveling conditions and your activities other than walking around in the air conditioned shopping centre. What if you want to wear it for a dinner, work or even a date in a different environment? It is not the best way to test a perfume for sure.
This is when we found Sniffit!

Sniffit allows you to
1) test your perfume for the right occasion in the right conditions
2) convenience of testing a perfume at your convenience without rush
3) choose only 1 scent to test and not confuse yourself with many

Sniffit is bottled in a refillable travel atomiser worth $12.90 that fits perfectly in your hand, and can be kept easily in your hand bag or pocket. It is clearly labeled so you can own a few and never mix them up anymore. What is more, it comes in your favourite colour that lifts your spirits. Last but not least, these testers are personally picked by me as I do not want you to waste money and time testing perfumes that are not worthy. I have also categorised them so that you can select them easily. Price starts from $12 for a 5ml. Check out the range below!

Showing 1–25 of 77 results

Showing 1–25 of 77 results