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Ever wondered why perfume commercials almost always depict a woman or a man getting immediately attracted to the opposite gender just by getting a whiff of their scent? Or what is it in specific perfumes that have the power to passionately attract another person?

The answer to all of the above is chemicals called pheromones. A pheromone is a chemical that is liberated by an animal into its surroundings and induces a behavioral change on other animals near it. They’re different from normal hormones because unlike normal hormones, they are released outside the body and have an effect on other living things surrounding it.

Pheromones can induce sexual arousal, an alarming effect, a signaling effect or a bonding effect as is the case between mothers and their babies, depending on the type of pheromone released. In the perfume industry, pheromones are infused in perfumes in order to attract the other gender. Perfumes containing pheromones are called pheromone perfumes.

A lot of people swear that pheromone perfumes do work and even resort to them after all their dating attempts fail. The result is that you become instantly attracted to the other person.

Pheromones used in male and female perfumes are different, as males and females perceive pheromones differently and have a different reaction to specific pheromone.

Some of the most common pheromones used in male colognes include:

Androstadienone: This promotes men to behave kindly with one another, which in turn is a quality that attracts females.

Androstenol: This one induces sexual attraction in females.

The top female pheromone is estratetraenol. It gives men a sense of comfort and relaxation and immediately lightens up their mood.

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