Amish Origins, Deep Penetrating, Pain Relief Ointment, 3.5 fl oz (99.22 g)


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Drug Facts
Active Ingredients
Menthol 7.66%
Oil of Camphor0.60%
Other Ingredients
Methyl salicylate0.96%
Eucalyptol Oil1.92%
Oil of Pine Needle0.72%
Snow White PetrolatumSuggested use

Apply freely to affected areas. Rub well.
Colds: Apply on chest, back and neck.
Heat Colds: Apply around nostrils, on forehead and behind ears. Place a small amount in vaporizer for aid.
Coughs and Sore Throat: Rub on soles of your feet for coughs.
Apply liberally on throat and neck for sore throats.
Other Suggestions: Aids healing of minor cuts, abrasions, bruises and blisters

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