Apex, Flex-Tip Digital Thermometer, 1 Thermometer


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Read the instruction carefully before using this device.

Keep battery out of child’s reach. Swallowing battery could be harmful. Battery should not be charged or placed into extreme heat as it may explode.

Safety Information:
High, prolonged fever required medical attention especially for young children. Please contact your physician.
Do not allow children to take their temperatures unattached.
Read the enclosed instructions carefully to ensure accurate temperature readings. Temperature readings are affected by many factors including exercise, drinking hot or cold beverages prior to taking a reading as well as technique.
Do not allow children to walk or run during temperature taking, the probe could present a hazard.
Oral, underarm, and rectal temperatures vary by approximately 1°F (0.5 C).
Keep battery away from children.
Do not open the thermometer except to replace the battery.Suggested use

Press the white on/off button to activate.
188.8° F followed by L°F will appear on LED display to show thermometer is working.
To take temperature, place sensor under tongue (oral), in the armpit (axillage) or in the rectum (rectal).
Hold in position one minute or until beeper indicates temperature reading is set.
Read the temperature on display screen. Press the on/off button, clean and return to storage case.

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