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Nothing can be as memorable as a scent that has been dropped off by a man, and if you want to make a good memory, then you need to be wearing the best available perfume.From leaving a good impression of good hygiene to using some overpowering scents for the laws of human attraction, a good perfume does it all.

 Read the following perfumes to get a better idea about the perfumes that should stay and those that shouldn’t.

Bleu EDP by Chanel

Known for a characteristic masculine smell, Bleu de Chanel Eau De is the daring musky and woody fragrance that all men need to try. The fresh and clear aroma makes you stand out from the crowd and adds a classy uniqueness to your body.

AQVA Pour Homme EDT by Bvlgari

If you are a man with a unique fondness for the seas and oceans, then this is the perfect perfume to keep your mind and soul at sea even if you are miles away from it. This perfume features the scent of some of the noble elements of the waters and brings out the marine in you.

Polo Red EDT by Ralph Lauren

The Pole Red is the exotic furnish of the fresh deep redwood base and a thrilling tinge of grapefruit. The fiery red saffron is yet another addition that is enough to activate all the smelling senses of those around you.

Escape EDT by Calvin Klein

Introduced in the 90’s this perfume is the ultimate body scent wear that will not only be irresistible to those around you but would also keep you in good spirits too.

Eros EDT by Versace

A blend of the fresh mint leaves, Italian lemon zest, and green apple, this perfume will always keep you in a clean and presentable state.

Wanted EDT by Azzaro

If you are looking forward to a mixture of a woody tinge of masculinity and a sweet minty and fruity blend of sweet apple, then this perfume should be bought right away.

Perfumes can either make or break the kind of impression that you leave on people so make sure you purchase these perfumes to make yourself stand out of the crowd.


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Top Mother’s Day Perfume Gifts for Mom

With Mother’s Day around the corner, everyone heads to Google’s search bar to search for the best Mother’s Day gift ideas. If you’re wondering that too, you’ve come to the right place. What makes perfumes the best Mother’s Day gift? Well, they’re delicate, feminine, classy, come in a pretty bottle and they’re going to sit on your mother’s dressing table for a long time, reminding her of you. To make it even easier for you, we’ve gathered a list of the top perfumes that will serve as the perfect Mother’s Day Gift.


This perfume will satisfy and stimulate all her olfactory senses with its combination of a floral and fruity scent! It’s a “love at first smell” kind of perfume that will energize her!


Isn’t obvious why you should get this one? Angel for an angel. The name of the perfume would be enough to spread a smile across your mother’s face!

With an intoxicating base note of vanilla, this perfume is going to take her to an exciting, sensual journey.


This perfume will take her through a sensual journey of sandalwood and vanilla and leave her sniffing through her clothes the whole time!



Bound to make your mother fall in love, with both you and these perfume, forever! (Although she does already love you!) With base notes of caramel and vanilla, this perfume will have you addicted in no time! The classy, sexy packaging is just a cherry on top and will make your mother feel younger!



These are some of the top perfumes that we suggest you give to your mother considering the fragrance and packaging. We hope your mother has a very Happy Mother’s Day with these!